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There are many ways you can work with us. A few of the ways are detailed below. If you are thinking of something different than any of these options, reach out to let us know. We’re happy to consider almost any proposal to work together.

From our side, we can offer promotion on our website and social media platforms. Our brand attracts many types of people, from armchair travelers, to seasoned adventurers. As we are a couple in their late 30s, our focus tends to be on the 25+ crowd, rather than the young, partier  demographic. We encourage our readers to aim high, live life to its fullest, take control over their future, and grab life by the balls!

Do you want to get your product, service, or post in front of that kind of audience? Well, let’s talk!

Since launching our site have been featured on TV, multiple newspaper articles, and have been featured writers on other high profile sites.

Contact us at info (@) or through the contact form below.

work with us


There are many ways your company or service can reach our diverse, global audience. These are just several popular options:

  • Sponsored posts and pages
  • Banner ads can be placed on the homepage, individual pages and in various spots like the sidebar or the header atop the main menu

We both create and accept sponsored posts. If you would like us to review your product or service and write a post about it, we would be happy to do that. Keep in mind that any post we write will be our honest review of your product or service, to maintain the journalistic integrity of Grabbing Life By The Balls.

If you would like to submit your own sponsored post, we may accept it as long as the quality of the writing is high and the information will be helpful to our readers. Please contact us with your proposal, including the topic of your proposed article.

Brand Ambassadorship

We will personally experience your product or service and then write an honest review. We are open to press trips, hotel stays, travel app trials, equipment testing, and other reviews.


We are available for various speaking engagements, presentations, and consultation services. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’d be happy to put together a proposal.

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