Best Day Hike From Grindelwald

You (or at least we) can’t go to Switzerland without doing some hiking. While the views looking up at the mountains are stunning, nothing quite beats the view back over the valley after you’ve had a long, but satisfying hike up the hill.  In this post, we describe the best day hike in Grindelwald.

Hike From Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidigg

On our first day in Grindelwald, we forced ourselves out of bed to hike to Kleine Scheidigg in the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps.

Mountain View from our hotel
Mountain View from our hotel

We wanted a challenging hike, some sort of destination as motivation to keep going, and great views of the North Face of the world famous Eiger Mountain.  The less adventurous can take a train up the hill, but where’s the fun in that?  Plus you gotta earn your beer at the top of the mountain!

Starting at our hotel in Grindelwald, at an altitude of approximately 1,000m/3,300ft, it was warm for early May as we hiked along single track paths to get out of town and start the proper hike.  Leaving the town, we saw the swarms of tourists, all decked out in high-end hiking gear as they are corralled by tour guides off luxury buses and out of hotels towards the train station.  Don’t worry – you won’t see them on the hiking trails!

The Path

The main path is paved, but basically consists of walking uphill for 3-4 hours with the occasional break to look back at the valley below and try to not think about how much higher you still have to climb.

Hiking under the Eiger
Hiking under the Eiger

Just to rub it in, every once in a while you’ll cross train tracks where you can see the occasional crowded train pass by on its way up the hill.  You can exchange knowing glances with the train passengers, as they give you a confused look as if to ask “Why are you going up that way?” while you look back at them thinking the same thing.

Hiking near Grindelwald
Hiking near Grindelwald

The hiking path passes by the train stations of Brandegg and Alpiglen in case you change your mind, or need a break at their chalet-style restaurants.

Hiking Near The Eiger

Throughout the hike, the North Face of the Eiger towers over you and you get amazing views back down at Grindelwald, along the valley, and the surrounding hills and mountains.

View of the Eiger
View of the Eiger

We literally didn’t run into a single other person hiking up the hill during our entire walk.  Towards the top, where the grassy terrain transitions to snow, we started running into some people who took the train up and were walking down but, other than that, we were alone.  It’s so rare to be able to visit a place so amazing and with plenty of facilities and good cell phone service, but still be almost entirely alone.

Finally Arrived in Kleine Scheidigg

Once you make it up the final steep hill, you’ll arrive at Kleine Scheidigg at an altitude of 2,061m/6,800ft.  Unfortunately, you’re back into the world of tour groups and souvenir shops, given that this is the home of the busy train station where you can continue up to Jungfraujoch or down towards Wengen and Lauterbrunnen.  There are several restaurants as well, and trust us, a beer and rosti has never tasted so good!

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  1. posted by
    Mar 27, 2017 Reply

    I’m amazed you met no one hiking. The Swiss LOVE hiking and you will find them all over the mountains any time of the year. We have always met someone on the tracks no matter where we go. Have lived in Switzerland 6 years, from Australia.
    Interesting blogs.

    • posted by
      Trevor and Christine
      Mar 28, 2017 Reply

      Hi Judy,

      With that particular hike, it probably had to do with the fact there’s a train that goes up the mountain along pretty much the same route. We ran into a couple of people hiking down, but no one else hiking up.

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