We spent several weeks in the summer of 2016 exploring the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Trevor had wanted to travel around this region for a long time, always having an interest in former Soviet republics but it’s always difficult to say “Hey, let’s to go Estonia for vacation this year!”

This was our chance. We wanted to see more than just the capitals of Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, so we made a point of exploring a bit more off the beaten path in each country.

See our articles below on the Baltic region, and what to see in the Baltics.

giewont zakopane poland
Top 50 Travel Photos of 2016
Over 5,500 travel photos 2016 has been an amazing year for both of us, and we have the travel photos
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sunrise masada israel
Backpacking Through Europe: Our Highlights
Our (first) long-term trip backpacking through Europe is now over.  We were on the road for just over 19 weeks,
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Lessons from the Road
We’re 11 weeks into our 20-week trip, so it seems like a good time for a bit more retrospection.  Despite
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tartu estonia
Things We Learned in the Baltics
Our two weeks in the Baltics was an interesting experience for us, detailed here. We wanted to spent time in
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Tallinn old town estonia
Exploring the Baltics
We’re on our last full day in the Baltics, which we spent exploring Vilnius, Lithuania.  Rather than the typical “How
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Patarei: The Creepiest Place We’ve Ever Been
After spending a day wandering around Old Town Tallinn, which was fantastic, we decided to check out the Patarei prison,
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Our Itinerary for the next 5 months
We’ve had a lot of people ask us where we’re going on this first big trip, so I thought I’d
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