We spent a full month in Malaysia during our 2017 trip through Asia.  We saw islands, we sat on beaches, we trekked in jungles, and we saw amazing wildlife.  And, of course, we spent a few days in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.  We feel like we saw the highlights of Malaysia, and really developed an appreciation for the diversity of the country.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t our favourite stop on our trip.  While the people are very friendly, and there is plenty to see and do, we just didn’t fall in love with Malaysia the way we did Thailand and Vietnam.  While we’d heard the food in Malaysia is amazing, we weren’t always impressed. 

Maybe it was partly due to travel burn-out deep into our 5 month trip.  And hey, not every traveler falls in love with every country equally. 

Check out our posts on Malaysia below, and our full photo galleries here.

Amazing sunset from Bako National Park

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In front of Angkor Wat

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The view from the summit of Gunung Machinchang on Langkawi

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